Diamond/diamante poems

In this post I ask you to share the poems you created in class and find a new one – or try to create one.
As it was mentioned, diamond poems are strict in form but there are different versions of it. I’m starting the post with a poem the type of which is quite different from the one presented in class.

The Title  / Line 1, one syllable / Line 2, two syllables / Line 3, three syllables / Line 4, four syllables / Line 5, five syllables / Line 6, four syllables / Line 7, three syllables / Line 8, two syllables / Line 9, one syllable.

The Race

         Sprinting well
        Forging ahead
   Pushing through the tape
       My best race yet
           The winner

10 hozzászólás a(z) “Diamond/diamante poems” bejegyzéshez

  1. Day.
    Bright, happy.
    Running, playing, living.
    Sun, bird, bat, moon.
    Sleeping, resting, refreshing.
    Slam, silent.

    (The day is happy and bright,
    we do running, playing, living outside.
    Sun is kissed by bird, moon by the bats,
    people are sleeping, resting, refreshing in their beds.
    We feel calm and silent side by side,
    Now I say: Good Night!)

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